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At Lewis Learning we aim to provide the best possible learning experience. 


Whether as part of an infrastructure consultation, a bespoke or authorised learning event we have a number of resources available to you.  Use the links on the left to access your student resources.  Details on all these resources can be found below.



Your Learning Options

-  Citrix eLearning provides access to the Citrix online learning site.  Use this link to redeem your online learning vouchers or purchase additional online deliverables.

Secure Online Labs provide access to our hosted lab environment.  Whether you are undertaking a training event, preparing for an exam or just require some practise in a lab environment your can login here.

- Student Evaluations are available for all authorised events providing a secure, online way to provide feedback on our training deliverables.

- Online Student Resources are available for selected authorised training events.  These resources provide valuable additional learning and reference materials to assist students in applying their learning to the real world.

- Virtual Instructor Led Training is our platform for delivery where a full classroom environment is not practical.  With uses ranging from remote locations to low delegate numbers we can now truly deliver any event, any time, any place over any connection.